4Ocean - Leatherbacks Bracelet
    4Ocean - Leatherbacks Bracelet

    4Ocean - Leatherbacks Bracelet

    By purchasing this bracelet, made with recycled materials, will allow the removal of half a kilo of trash from the oceans and coasts! An accessory that symbolizes a personal commitment to a concrete, the safeguard of the territory and of our Planet. Thanks to 4Ocean!! 



    Design Unisex.

    Adjustable from 5-12cm in diameter.

    Charm in stainless steel 4Ocean.



    The association 4Ocean was born in the United States and has only one big goal: to clean up the oceans.

    In addition to a stable core of employees, the other members of 4Ocean are mostly cleaners, localvolunteers, young people, workers, the elderly and even tourists who board on a regular basis 5 boats of the association to clean up the sea.

    Characterized by the will to give the good example, not only with their actions, but also with the transparency in the financial statements and in the disposal of the garbage collection (recyclable and not), 4Ocean cooperates with other associations of the “cleaners of the sea”.

    4Ocean sells bracelets that are unique in their simplicity: a noodle colored in which are strung the pearls of transparent glass.
    bracelet of all the green! The spaghetti and the beads are from plastic and glass bottles recycled.

    For each bracelet sold 4Ocean removes the equivalent of half a kilo of garbage
    A cuff that is 100% recycled and solidarity!

    In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 2.302.488 pounds of trash from the ocean and from the coast.

    Currently 4ocean operates in over countries and employs over 150 people around the world. 

    In Italy: shipping cost 5 euros. Free from 50 euros.

    In EU countries: shipping cost 15 euros. Free from 99 euros.

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